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First Preso ever –> FUBAR!

This last week I had the opportunity to present SL to a group of parents and educators at a district Gifted student council meeting. Cool beans right? Well, not exactly!

A presentation about bleeding-edge technology generally comes off best when the technology actually works, and mine didn’t. I had my Pwr Pt slides, my script, my SL pics, and the Starry Night video all ready to go, so far so good. I plugged into the mounted ceiling projector and first problem, I couldn’t get my laptop screen to show on the laptop. Never ran into that problem before, but ok, I can work around that. Next, the top four pages of my script disappeared -I think they were picked up by the custodial lady as she emptied the trash before the meeting. Ok, I know everything that was there, I can get through this. But then BAAM! My computer wouldn’t read my flash drive. After changing back and forth between my four USB ports, it finally decided to read. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere! Except the slides wouldn’t play or stop as I needed them to. Quick! talk! show other pics! dance! sing! do something! I did and people were looking at me like I was certifiable. They didn’t “get it.”

Long story short, I finally got  “Starry Night” to play after the room had cleared of all but three people. Lessons learned -numerous, but the most important lessons were:

1) I can do a preso with technology without freaking out even when things don’t work. This was HUGE for me. A year ago I would have been unable to do anything, and even though I was upset because I couldn’t share something about which I am passionate, I didn’t lose it. That lead me to…

 2) It is far better to put together a loose outline and materials about what I know well, and can speak about extemporaneously, than to write a script that I must follow. I am not advocating being unprepared, but I realized that having a script was a disadvantage; passion transmits better without the stiffness that accompanies scripted material -no matter how well you know it.

I will present to the same group next month, and do it much differently, without a script, and hopefully far more effectively than last week’s effort. I bet it won’t take me nearly as long to prepare either!


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Long time no see…

…and I’m sorry about that, but my life has been  CRAZY for the last couple of months. So, I’ve decided to do a quick update and then write more often. (Yes, I know I’ve said it before, but I have a hard time writing short posts ergo the time between.)

So first, My personal ed-tech story of Second Life, learning and growth was accepted for presentation at CUE 2008 -first application, first acceptance:-D

Second, what started out as a convo with my superintendent about a possible after school Second Life club at the local library, has turned into a full presentation for the GATE (gifted and talented education) parent council, and another to the School Board for the purpose of starting a pilot program on the Teen Grid, in a Temecula Valley middle school using Second Life. Pretty cool huh?

And last and definitely NOT least, SLedupotential panel proposal has been accepted for presentation at NECC 2008 OMG! God bless Scott Merrick for his brilliant idea!

There have been so many other things happening that I’ll never get caught up, so I won’t try. Suffice it to say my life is radically changing and it’s (mostly) for the good.

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What’s been going on? Well, I’ve been dividing my time between SLedupotential (which is due to ISTE-NECC at midnight tonight), my K12 Online Conference panel contribution (see: Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez “Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds – Panel”) , a presentation of information for my district superintendent on the Teen Grid and what we can do with students there, and… um…, oh yeah! Teaching LOL!

The point here is that while I have been “playing around” (yeah right!) in SL for seven months, I have not been actively following the research and resources that have developed in that time. Oh, there is the occasional post or shared experience that make SL my bread and butter so to speak, but for these endeavors, I have been actively searching and reading, and frankly, I am utterly astonished at the sheer volume that has accumulated in that time. I have found oodles of machinima that address happenings on the teen Grid, as well as many articles and white papers to do with the MG. They have all been diligently added to our Sledupotential wiki, but I wonder when I’ll have the time to read or watch them all?

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