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I have been blessed and inspired. Blessed by having a PLN of remarkably talented and dedicated teachers and learners, and inspired by their insights.

This is the first very short post, of what will be numerous longer posts. Since I tend to be verbose anyway, I will spare you the tedium of trying to read too many pages at once.

I have not written anything in a very long time. My life has taken some tremendous twists and turn over the last eight months, and the whole notion of writing has seemed a Sisyphean task. That said, it’s time to be more thoughtful and more proactive about what I am doing, where I am going, and how I will get there. For now, I’d like to extend my love and gratitude to friends Kevin Jarrett and Bernajean Porter whose shared thoughts, insights, and depth of spirit has led me to this new beginning.


As I garner my thoughts and energies into actions, I will share the procees with you, and hope that you will join in the conversation, and help me take the steps to inspire others to become active learners and teachers by virtue of same.


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Claudia Linden Speaks

Last week I had the pleasure of being in the audience when Claudia Linden presented a DEN webinar about education in Second Life. Although most of the information was not new to me, or to some others in the audience, it was valuable nonetheless, for the insight and unique position that Claudia holds at Linden Lab, and the way that she addresses all education issues presented. The oft asked question “Will there be an EduGrid.” met the same response as it has previously, “At this time there is no plan for an education grid.” Yet, it was gratifying to hear that the good folks at Linden Lab are very aware of the growing presence of educators in Second Life, and the potential for learning therein, and that they are cognizant of the need for some alternate kind of access for teacher and students.

After the webinar, Claudia visited the DEN in EduIsland II, and although I had trouble getting into the SIM (it appeared as water), I finally arrived, and as the evening concluded, we were left with a beautiful Flickr Stream. Thank you Claudia for all of the great work you do with SL on behalf of educators and students. 

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Virtual History

Before I was introduced to Second Life by KJ, I had a dream of creating virtual history simulations for my students -games really, in which they could experience walking the streets of ancient Athens or Rome. And while I would still like to see that realized in a way that will be accessible to my sixth graders, it looks like someone else has created just that -and in spectacular fashion.

Jeremy Kemp of SJSU wrote about this amazing accomplishment on the SLED mailing list. Rome circa 320BC has been recreated in Second Life at this SLURL. More information about the way it was created can be found on Wired , and a good machinima was created by Rik Panganiban, SL Rik Riel.

As it turns out, there are several real life areas of which I was unaware in SL. Where was I? -Ummm, the ISTE scavenger hunt, formal ball, and looking for Meerkats at DEN for Meerkat Monday! I guess I need to remember why I came in the first place, and start exploring more. I know one thing for sure, it’s time I got in and discovered more of these amazing builds in SL, as well as finding a way to share them with my students.

The following RL sites are also courtesy of Jeremy -Thanks 🙂

Morocco: http://tinyurl.com/246fq9
Dublin: http://www.dublinsl.com/index.php
Amsterdam: amsterdam/128/128
Egypt: http://tinyurl.com/2cyebm
San Diego: Diegoland/128/128

Addendum 9/23/07

Today I visited Assisi and I will state that it is the best recreation I have yet seen in SL. The Basilica is as I remember it from having been there several years ago, and well worth the visit.


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