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Claudia Linden Speaks

Last week I had the pleasure of being in the audience when Claudia Linden presented a DEN webinar about education in Second Life. Although most of the information was not new to me, or to some others in the audience, it was valuable nonetheless, for the insight and unique position that Claudia holds at Linden Lab, and the way that she addresses all education issues presented. The oft asked question “Will there be an EduGrid.” met the same response as it has previously, “At this time there is no plan for an education grid.” Yet, it was gratifying to hear that the good folks at Linden Lab are very aware of the growing presence of educators in Second Life, and the potential for learning therein, and that they are cognizant of the need for some alternate kind of access for teacher and students.

After the webinar, Claudia visited the DEN in EduIsland II, and although I had trouble getting into the SIM (it appeared as water), I finally arrived, and as the evening concluded, we were left with a beautiful Flickr Stream. Thank you Claudia for all of the great work you do with SL on behalf of educators and students. 


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What’s been going on? Well, I’ve been dividing my time between SLedupotential (which is due to ISTE-NECC at midnight tonight), my K12 Online Conference panel contribution (see: Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez “Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds – Panel”) , a presentation of information for my district superintendent on the Teen Grid and what we can do with students there, and… um…, oh yeah! Teaching LOL!

The point here is that while I have been “playing around” (yeah right!) in SL for seven months, I have not been actively following the research and resources that have developed in that time. Oh, there is the occasional post or shared experience that make SL my bread and butter so to speak, but for these endeavors, I have been actively searching and reading, and frankly, I am utterly astonished at the sheer volume that has accumulated in that time. I have found oodles of machinima that address happenings on the teen Grid, as well as many articles and white papers to do with the MG. They have all been diligently added to our Sledupotential wiki, but I wonder when I’ll have the time to read or watch them all?

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