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Ok, I’ve completed my Google action Plan, I’m finishing my packing, and I’m ready to PARTY! I am so excited to meet all of my friends from SL.

Who would have thought it possible less than four months ago -that I would have made some very deep and enduring friendships, learned so much about myself, discovered  strengths I didn’t know I had, become a GCT, and that I’d be going to NECC to see the fruits of it all. It is utterly astonishing!

I will be at NECC starting tomorrow and through Tuesday. Tomorrow I will spend the day with Kevin and Catherine, and later Scott. We expect to chat and be touristy and then to have dinner together. Who knows how long the day and evening will go on -longer for some of us than others I’m sure. I’m taking a red eye from San Diego, so I’ll be operating on very little sleep -but with limited time together, and friends I’m dying to HUG, I will manage to stay awake!

Saturday and Sunday I have workshops with mi amigos and Monday I am coordination the SL Playground with Scott. I hope you will all stop by and say hello, or that I will see you at the SL reception or lounge. Have agreat conference for all of you who are goin, and for those friends unable to be there, you will be missed; be well and be safe -you are loved! Namaste!


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The End…

of the year is here, with all of the craziness and extra work that entails. I have not written here because I have been writing….elsewhere, and planning for the SL Playground at NECC. Forgive my absence, and know that I will post again soon.

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Shakespeare and the Nature of Friendships in SL

I have been considering this post for some time but kept putting the actual writing off -I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with its inherent content and recent events with SL friends.

This quote was sent to me long ago, (really long ago -like 28 years) by a very dear friend. It was especially apropos at the time, as I was a BFA student in Drama at USC.

There are many exceptional poetic expressions of friendship and relationships, but this says so much, so skillfully, and so eloquently, that it has always resided in my mind as a reflection of my feelings about good friends. I suppose dear reader, that is why I am sharing it with you now.

                                        “… for in companions

That do converse and waste the time together,

Whose souls do bear an equal yoke of love,

There must be needs a like proportion

Of lineaments*, of manners and of spirit”

                           William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice Act III Scene IV

I have made so many friends in SL since I first set foot on EduIsland, that I cannot count them on both hands. But I have also connected on a very personal level with several of those, and in such a way that my *life* has been dramatically altered.

I think that the intrinsic nature of relating to others in SL is what allows us to cut through boundaries that exist on the physical plane; whether they be appearance, physical ability, social anxiety, or any of the other hinderances that keep us from communicating with each other fully: heart, mind, and soul. This is one of the greatest benefits of exploring virtual worlds and to teaching in them as well, and why it is worthwhile for so many.

So, to that handful of individuals to which I refer above, (you know who you are) I thank you  heart, mind, and soul for your friendship, support, and encouragement. You have enriched my life beyond measure.


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